About Counselling Point

crowdCounselling Point delivers an independent, comprehensive and completely confidential counselling and life-coaching service in and around Northampton.

Counselling Point’s lead professional counsellor, Ron Dean (MBA, BACP Dip, ILAM Dip, Cert Life Coach), has been trained to listen to your problems sensitively and with an open mind, to understand as fully as possible what is concerning you and how it’s affecting your life. Without judging you or offering advice, counsellors can become more aware of what resources you have in place for coping and discovering healthier ways of dealing with difficult feelings, people or situations.

Problems can affect anybody at any time. There is no shame in needing, or asking for help to get through a difficult patch.

Contacting us:

Counselling Point
27 Wootton Hall Park
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01604 761556
Mobile: 07951 478274

or use the form on our ‘Contact’ page to send an email.

What is a counsellor?

Simply having someone to tell your troubles to can often be a great relief, but in the modern world people with the time and inclination to be good listeners are sometimes hard to find. A counsellor is a trained listener who will not feel “put upon” or want to tell his or her own problems …

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How does it work?

When you have read through this section contact the practice to book a counselling session. Please state clearly whether you are looking for Face-to-Face or Telephone Counselling (see below). If you leave a message please be sure to include your contact details. Client confidentiality is maintained at all times. Counselling is usually short-term; anything from …

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Can counselling help?

Do any of these sentiments sound familiar to you? If so, Counselling Point may be able to help you get your life back on track. “I am stuck in my life” “There has been a devastating event in my life and I don’t know where to turn for help” “I repeat the same patterns of …

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